I no longer


I have always loved Meryl streep’s famous I no longer quote, read it over and over while relating to it every time and in each phase of my life a bit differently.
When I came across the quote recently, it inspired me again and I thought to myself, you know what I can relate to more? My personal experience, so here is a two cents worth of my own I no longers.

I no longer put up with empty conversations and deceptive actions. I find it hard to engage when I am bored or practice pretense amusement when I am consumed.

I do not live in a world of lies that seeks meaningless approvals and I struggle with childish drama. I also consider entitlement just outrageous.

I believe in courage in vulnerability, strength in ownership, shrewdness in acceptance, compassion in faith, and love in commitment.

I accept differences without judgements, I advocate imperfections, and I embrace change but at the same time I no longer compromise my boundaries.

I don’t have the need to prove anything to anybody, I ceased to stress about what I want people to think of me, because in reality those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Hence, I refuse to negotiate or entertain the image of what I, my actions, thoughts, or feelings are or should be because that’s a betrayal to myself that I, no longer, am willing to do.



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