My two cents worth

I intentionally called this post after the blog name that I chose to sort of give it an understanding.

Here’s the thing, in school, I once was called “Miss I have an opinion about everything”, to which later growing older and more assertive (a milder term of aggressive), another statement was added; “And I am never wrong about it”.

So, yes I do have an opinion about everything and I am usually right!

Recently, Safa, a close friend of mine looked at me after giving her a long analytical statement about something, and said “Manal, that’s brilliant, you should start writing”, in my egotistical mind  I was like DUH! tell me something new.. “you do look at things differently than other people, you say unexpected things, and you really dig deep into analysis that brings out angles which were not considered, she added”. Now that made me think.. “Start up your own blog, she said”.


Now, I created this blog, thanks Safa! and I will start writing about random stuff with my two cents worth, and hope someone besides me would read it.



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