When in doubt, show up!

I have a new profound realization for the ongoing obscurity of why our goals always seem unattainable, why resolutions for example - since it’s still new year’s spree - hardly ever actualize. It’s probably not a new theory, but it recently emerged to me through a personal experience that I'd like to share. Who wouldn’t... Continue Reading →

I no longer

I have always loved Meryl streep’s famous I no longer quote, read it over and over while relating to it every time and in each phase of my life a bit differently. When I came across the quote recently, it inspired me again and I thought to myself, you know what I can relate to... Continue Reading →

One moment at a time

  I know I promised myself and those courteous enough to read my posts that i will keep it short and sweet. Personally, I don’t really enjoy long articles, I like informative, inspiring straight to the point ones, I have always believed in the saying “good brevity makes sense” write less, say more. Despite that, I think... Continue Reading →

These boots are gonna walk all over you!

When I go shopping, be it I really need to get something to wear for work or just attempting to release dopamine, increase my oxytocin, and serotonin, or in other words what most people call “emotional shopping”, I find myself end up buying a new pair of shoes; Flats, heels, boots, sandals, wedges, I come... Continue Reading →

Cultural Constipation

If I was asked for a solution to a lot of the Middle East disputes, I would advice to give out laxatives to everyone. Where I come from, we have diverse cultures, some are liberal and others are very conservative, which in turn are two types, the one that chooses to be conservative and respects freedom... Continue Reading →

My two cents worth

I intentionally called this post after the blog name that I chose to sort of give it an understanding. Here's the thing, in school, I once was called "Miss I have an opinion about everything", to which later growing older and more assertive (a milder term of aggressive), another statement was added; "And I am never wrong about it".... Continue Reading →

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